NUC is here because people matterUntitled1

We believe that people can be the answer to each others’ needs and aspirations.

Having company, joining in, learning something new and conversation can make a real difference to quality of life. Sounds easy but at North United Communities (NUC), Glasgow we know it takes commitment and belief in people to make it happen.


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We are known and trusted

Whatever they need, whether it be recreation, learning, inspiration or advice people are more likely to accept it from those they trust. Getting the right ‘fit’ of service to person means they are more likely to gain from it: at NUC we believe a trustful, friendly, safe environment is the starting point.

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We listen to the community

To us at NUC the ‘local community’ is not an abstract, but real people.  From listening to them we have learned that forming bonds together is simple, but not easy. They want activities and events that are varied, relevant, reliable, safe and that they can can count on for the longer term.

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We create a bridge

NUC offer a huge range of activities for the whole family. Through this we channel public services and promote skills and learning to help them realise their aspirations. Should crisis come we offer  support through our Family Outreach service. We are there for our community, all the way.

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