North United Communities (NUC) is dedicated to strengthening the community. We want children, young people and their families to lead happier, healthier lives. Our aim is to be a part of a chain reaction of mutual goodwill and support.

Our approach is to create safe, welcoming places where people can meet up, have fun, socialise, share activities and acquire knowledge.

We deliver at our centres through group activities and one-to-one sessions. We also visit families and carry out street work.

We uphold the community’s capacity to support each other. This can only take place in an atmosphere of mutual goodwill. 

As a result we seek to know and become known in the community. A key goal is to form sustainable and positive relationships with the people who use our services: we strive to earn their trust.

We think it is essential that we consult and listen to the community. For example, people want us to be open after hours and weekends and for that reason we are not a 9 to 5 organisation.

Partnership working with community service providers is important to our operation: through this we help people access resources and expertise that are theirs by right.

We also supply relief to those in difficulty whether this is through addictions, disablement, financial or housing problems. For example we help people to access tenancy support.

Our belief is that people need other people to fully take up their opportunities; it is the quality of social ‘glue’, or human networks that operate in daily life, that determines the wellbeing of the individual. It takes a connected community to create thriving people.

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