Our community partners

NUC connects the community at grassroots with service providers such as housing associations, social work, local government, educators and the police. We are a listening ear to voices in the community and we encourage people to speak out and express themselves. This allows us to offer unique insights to policy makers and influencers. Here is what they say about us.


NUC work across a number of areas of my constituency and provide real opportunities for the young people. They can also reflect back the interests of the young people they work with and the issues that concern them most. This is a valuable tool for me.

Housing Association Leader

We are one of the longest partners of NUC: they are now an integral part of the community. Together with NUC we have developed tenancy support schemes that help us help our tenants to look after their tenancies. In the worst case scenario this removes the possibility of losing their homes, but we also value their support in more positive settings: for example helping our residents to simply get more out of life in the community. If NUC were to leave next week they would be missed by many families and young people who have improved their lives as a result of NUC’s work.


NUC Communities has forged ahead in developing strong relationships within the Planning Partnership. Organisations like NUC that recognise the value of the Partnership make far greater positive impact.


Social Work Manager

NUC workers work with their clients and the views they put forward at professional meetings are honest and realistic.

NUC liaise with social workersThey maintain good professional relationships in the area and can be trusted to undertake the tasks they agree to undertake.


Lecturer, Caledonian University School of Social Work

NUC should be proud of what they have achieved. A shining example of what good practice is in terms of a valuable learning experience for social work students.


Police Officer

At Maryhill Police Office we go out of our way to foster links with the whole community: businesses, housing associations, local groups, the council to name a few. With everyone going in the same direction, areas of conflict can be defused, not just by the police but by everyone in the community. We work well with NUC. For example, we had some disorder recently with youngsters which we both tackled promptly; ourselves from the enforcement standpoint, while NUC put on extra activities at that time to provide diversion. The problems cooled off.There is a real will in the community to help each other and head off problems early.


Head Teacher

A modern secondary school is the hub of a neighbourhood. We want people to reach their full potential: not just the most academic learners, but all of them. As we move forward we recognise that increasingly, education will be sourced from a wide range of opportunities in the community. For example, we have local firms and even parents delivering learning. From here onward our focus will intensify on partnering with local agencies. We are encouraged that NUC have the same goal as ourselves to foster deeper and more sustainable relationships and we look forward to the future together.