North United Communities is a charity which has served urban north Glasgow for over 30 years. It started off as a street work and outreach project within the community of Ruchill. The project at that time worked solely with young people over the age of 12. NUC now serves 3 communities – Ruchill, Wyndford and more recently, Milton. It serves a wide spectrum: young people, parents and families.

Currently NUC receives no continuous grant funding and generates funds each year. Over the past 10 years it has grown and this is testimony to the a unique level of trust it has earned within the communities it serves.

Over time NUC has worked directly with many young people and families whose lives and futures have been significantly affected by factors such as poverty, poor educational attainment, domestic violence, crime, violence and racism. We don’t just work with those who are facing challenges: we know that we aim to support all families and it is our intention to continue to do this in the years to come. The relationships we have formed have been lasting: we are now seeing the children of people we first met when we opened our doors.

We are proud of our history. From our earliest beginnings our strong roots have been in accessible, relationship-based support and we believe our skills are relevant to our next 30 years as they have been in the past.