Management and staffing structure

NUC has a team of 12 youth and community workers and a core administrative staff, led by Chief Executive Jill Mackay which reports to a non executive board and Chair. The NUC board includes members of the communities it serves.

Jill Mackay, Chief Executive

I have been involved with the organisation since 1999 and have watched it grow and develop from a small youth work project to a large youth and family organisation. Although this has been a long and arduous undertaking, it has been aided by a strong and experienced staff team who have been invaluable contributors in this development.

Today we can confidently claim that we offer a wide range of supportive components which are of a high standard and quality. The range of provision we now deliver includes: educational and diversionary group work programmes for young people, family support, sports and outdoor activities, arts music and drama, employment and training advice and support and regular street work/outreach delivery.

The key to our overall success is being able to offer long term, community based services that are locally accessible. In addition to this we see the importance of developing effective relationships with local residents and external partner agencies – effective relationships that build trust and promote independence.


Mark Langdon, Chair

In its 30 years since its inception as Ruchill Youth Project, the services delivered have never been so varied, widespread and required. Now as North United Communities Limited we have matured as an organisation and have developed a model of practice that delivers real impact and successful outcomes.

Every week our staff team engages with over 400 young people and over 80 families mainly within the communities of Ruchill, Wyndford, Summerston and more recently Milton. Our approach is based on forming and sustaining real partnerships between local residents, groups, organisations and our staff. These partnerships are based on mutual trust and understanding and lead to better life chances for many of the most isolated and vulnerable people in Glasgow. Indeed for many we have become the most consistent and accessible supportive framework in their lives.

So where do we go from here? We know that the issues which face our communities look set to become even tougher – restructuring of the welfare state, rising youth unemployment, growing inequalities and widening divides in society. We will endeavour to put ourselves in the best possible position in order to react to changing political landscapes and continue to deliver a needs-led, high quality service.

On a more personal note I would firstly like to thank the staff for their continued commitment and support to local people and the organisation as a whole. Without this energy we would not be the flexible and dynamic organisation that we have become. Secondly I would also like to extend my gratitude to the funders who have invested in our model of practice and shared in our vision in a future which offers more equality and opportunity.

In many respects we look forward to what lies ahead but acknowledge there will be many barriers and issues that we will have to overcome on the journey!

The prospect of alienation, isolation, poor health and low expectations is too grim to be tolerated: NUC provides a constant focus for betterment and a lifeline to a fairer sharing of the resources the community helps to create.

Lastly our appreciation goes out to the many funders who have believed in the strength and quality of the organisation, thereby enabling us to deliver sustainable services in partnership with local people and communities. We have also established a network of key partner agencies and organisations who have contributed so much in terms of delivery and support. This has allowed us to put together a more comprehensive package that can promote change and improve quality of life.