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We are now in Milton

A new cafe and social hub have opened in one of the most deprived areas of Scotland to help poverty-stricken families.

The North United Community Glasgow has expanded from its original base in Ruchill, Glasgow and created a new community hub in Milton this month.

The portacabin has two large rooms – one is a cafe and the other is a general area where youth and adult learning groups can meet.

The charity took over the derelict area of land, which has been vacant for three to four years near the local primary and nursery schools, after receiving a small grant from the council to transform it.

Chief executive Jill MacKay said  “People can spend time in a welcoming atmosphere.”

Neil Mcintosh, 31, who has been one of six volunteer board members for two years lives in Ruchill.

He sees how young people who have little opportunity are affected by poverty and their need for support from people they trust.

“We seek to elevate the pressures that these people face, however a lot of the solutions to these problems come from the locals themselves,” Neil said.

“We help them to realise what they are capable of and achieve the best that they can as many are very lost.”


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